Moving isn’t an easy process in which its very common that client neglect or unintentionally overlooked some of the things that end up become a show stopper for entire moving process.


We have encountered some of this incidents.Hence, we would like to share some of the important moving checklist and important notes to assure smooth sailing moving experiences with customer.


Everything seems to be prepared and ready to move?


  • Well this could not be the case if below task is not completed. Few commonly overlooked procedures that added obstruction on the moving day was listed below. 

  • Building Management Approval Letter

This approval is very crucial otherwise we movers cant access into the building untill this approval is granted. Once you have decided the actual moving date, customer is required to apply for the moving permit and notify building management officer. The application usually takes less than 3 working days for approval. Besides this, Movers are only allowed to start work on condominium during weekday, from 9.30am-6.00pm, and up to 2.00pm on Saturdays. However, different condo management has various procedures and process. Security guard will not allow movers to enter the premise without the approval letter.

Movers have to provide the truck and workers details to the client in order to fill up the approval letter.

  • Food In The Refrigerator 

Clear and defrost all the content inside the fridge one day before the moving. Turn off the freezer and refrigerator, empty the ice cube tray. Wipe inside of the freezer with sponge or clothes follow by surrounding of the door seal. Most important no leftover food such as meat, vegetable or fruit inside the fridge.

  • Securing Belongings Piror Moving.

Make sure your belonging is packed and in a well-organized manner. Movers are running against the time and it is impossible to pack the belonging on the same day. Well, a little tip is to start packing bit by bit of items few weeks earlier for rarely used items such as book, unused clothes, items in store room and etc. Avoid packing belonging one night before, things can be easily misplaced. Detail inventory should listed in moving checklist.

  • Final Check.

See through every corner in your house such as wall plug, internet router, TV boxes or even locked drawer. Finally, clean up the house before handing over to the next tenant. If is a rented house, take a photo and document the condition when handover back to landlord, make sure the bill is paid and endorsed by owner.