Hire us for superior tree services. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, we have the affordable and efficient services that your trees need. If you're a little unsure on exactly what services you need and what you're ready to spend, you should call and take advantage of our FREE estimates! We're available 24hrs 7 days in a week.

-Tree Cutting Services                 -Tree Trimming                   -Stump removal                                 -Stump grinding


-Fallen Tree Clearance              -Land clearing                       -DBKL,MBPJ,MBSJ Permits                -Open 24 hours 

We at T.K Tree Service Contractors focuses on the safe, effective removal and trimming of trees. We are dedicated to the health and well being of your property so we always consider the safest course of action during tree removal. Our team is full of experts who will ensure that your trees and property are treated in the most effective way with everyone’s well being in mind.

Maybe you have a tree on your property that does not necessarily need to be removed, but has branches that are becoming intrusive or is riddled with unsightly broken limbs. If this is the case, our team of experienced pruners is well equipped to rid the tree of these branches, which improves the health of the tree and allows you to enjoy its natural beauty once again.

Moreover, our tree removal specialist service in Malaysia can prevent you from having any legal issues related to damages or accidents occurred to the public, properties and transportation. Thus, you can save more money from having to spend in solving summon from the local authorities in endangering the safety of the public. Tree cutting expert can turn your simple and boring garden into a wonderful and creative outdoor place with beautiful concept of shaped trees without having to spend more on the landscape design and so forth.

No matter your tree needs, we're ready to handle them. We will assess your specific situation and ensure that we utilize the best plan of action that also fits your specific budget. Our goal is not only the effective and safe care of your trees and property, but also your complete satisfaction..

Residential And 
Commercial Tree Services


The services you'll receive from us are guaranteed to be far superior to services received from other companies - our company's services are rooted in over 35 years of experience in the Tree Cutting and Landscaping industry